IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking
24–27 June 2024 // Tbilisi, Georgia

Panel Session

Emerging 6G Technologies, Key Synergies, Use Cases, and New Opportunities

Day/Time:  27 June 2024, 13:00 – 14:30 Tbilisi, Georgia time (GMT+4)

Organizer: Aryan Kaushik, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Moderator: Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College, USA


Egon A. Schulz, Huawei Technologies, Germany

Evgeny Khorov, IITP RAS, Russia

Mohamed-Slim Alouini, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei, King’s College London, UK

Albena Mihovska, SmartAvatar B.V., Netherlands


Questions for Discussion:

What are the emerging 6G technologies aligning with the 6G/IMT-2030 framework, 3GPP efforts such as Rel. 19 study items, which will provide a paradigm shift to wireless communications? Where are the maximum standardization efforts being directed, or will be directed in the coming few years?

There are several key synergies being carried forward such as incorporating machine learning and AI algorithms, robotics/digital twin and intelligent metasurfaces for 6G and with integrated NTN-TN connectivity, integrated sensing and communications, etc. Can you please comment on the status of research and development on these aspects such as AI native air interface support, digital twin and metasurfaces aided communications? Moreover, what are the challenges related to incorporating AI and other intelligent approaches in the optimization of 6G networks? 

Several work items in 3GPP Rel. 17-18 focused on NTN support in beyond 5G networks. What bands are being considered in the 3GPP NTN standards to support mobile and fixed satellite services? Are the considered bands suitable for providing operation from a satellite directly to a handheld device given the large propagation losses? Any other aspects or challenges we should consider for mega-constellation NTN?

What are the new use cases (such as mission critical services/disaster management by NTN) and new opportunities we can expect from these emerging 6G technologies?